10 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets make your life easier and reduce the time that you spend in the kitchen. Kitchen gadgets can help you be a better cook and inspire you to try new recipes.

These are ten of the must have kitchen gadgets.

  1. A food processor – You just cannot get along without this. Cutting things by hand can be time consuming and dangerous. A food processor can cut anything into any size you need in a matter of seconds.
  2.  Citrus sprayer – This handy little kitchen gadget keeps you from having to cut or peel citrus to use the juice in drinks and recipes. You just pop the citrus sprayer into the top of the fruit and get the juice by squeezing. It has a lid that seals with a closure so you do not lose a drop.
  3. A bladed meat tenderizer – Chefs in the best restaurants use these little gadgets to get their meat dishes to taste the best. The metal blades make meat tender. You do not have to pound any meat again.
  4. Potato Express – This little bag lets you cook as many as four potatoes in the microwave in four minutes. The bag is totally environmentally safe, reusable, and you can wash it. This kitchen gadget cooks potatoes faster than anything else.
  5. A digital kitchen scale – This idea was stolen from chemists. You do not have to measure everything that you are adding to a recipe in separate bowls or containers. The scale can do liquid and solid measures so you save time and do not have as many dishes to wash.
  6. A Rice Cooker – This is an electronic version of the Chinese way to steam rice. Cooks rice fast and perfect without having to boil water. You just have to wash one part. The gadget is programmable so you can set it like a crock pot. The device can cook more than rice including cake.
  7. A wood cutting board – Wood cutting boards last longer than any other cutting board. You do not get bits of wood in your food with a wood cutting board. Plastic cutting boards can make you eat plastic.
  8.  Restaurant grade corkscrew – Waiters make opening a bottle of wine look easy even with a cork stopper because they have the right tool. Look for a cork screw that has a manual cork insertion feature, a second handle for holding the bottle while screwing in the screw, and a lever to pop the cork out.
  9. Egg Top Remover – Getting the top off a cooked egg is a skill and can be a trying ordeal for soft-boiled eggs that you do not want shells in. An egg top remover makes it simple. You just put the cup on top of the egg and twist. The device breaks the shell and holds it all in one piece.
  10.  A Corn Cutter – A corn cutter is a simple hand held kitchen gadget that takes the corn off the cob in one simple easy stroke. No knives are needed. You get all the corn in even pieces in a tenth of the time it takes to get corn off the cob with a knife.