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10 Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

10 Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Who says oldies can do nothing? We agree that reaching the old age results in many physical challenges that hinder adults to move freely. Here are 10 activities for seniors with limited mobility to still enjoy. These require not too much movement to suit the elders.

Let’s begin with…

  1. Read

Reading enhances the brain especially for adults who are prone to cognitive decline. It can be done through physical reading materials, e-books, or through downloading audiobooks.

  1. Engage in family talks

Have some time to talk with the elders every day to sustain cheerfulness and avoid stress.

  1. Watch TV shows

Old people love to stay at home while watching their favorite TV shows which helps them to continue learning stuffs.

  1. Enjoy outdoor sceneries

 Breathing enough fresh air is so relaxing that’s why most elders sit next to the door to enjoy the scenery as well.

  1. Nurture plants

Gardening is the most favorite hobby of every elder that enhances a sense of accomplishment and quality of life. Make sure the potted plants are accessible for watering and offering adequate sunlight.

  1. Attend spiritual activities

With transportation assistance, elders can go to church in attending worship services or prayer meetings. There are other activities in church that are appropriate for elders such as sharing their faith, packing food, and other ministries.

  1. Exercise regularly

There are exercise routines suitable for adults with mobility problems whether standing or sitting. For example, is chair yoga and so, you can visit this site for the details. They can also exercise stability by using a walker.

  1. Play games

Games such as completing a jigsaw puzzle can be a source of fun and take away dullness of times. This also enhances quality time with the whole family without spending too many physical efforts.

  1. Do creative activities

According to research, fun projects such as painting and other artistic hobbies eliminate negative emotions and increase positive outlook in life.

  1. Explore more hobbies

Elders have more time in exploring new interests as they frequently stay at home. Examples are cooking, knitting, playing an instrument, and learning new stuff.


Adults have the right to enjoy little things just like those young ones. The said activities are very appropriate to the old ones to delight in living even with physical difficulties. There are other activities for the elders aside from these 10 activities for seniors with limited mobility found on the internet. And so, check it out!