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10 Safety Tips for Disabled Seniors with Limited Mobility

10 Safety Tips for Disabled Seniors with Limited Mobility

Perhaps you’re planning to travel with your grandparents these coming holidays and by learning about these 10 safety tips for disabled seniors with limited mobility might help to keep every wandering be ready.

The elders love to travel too however it can be hard sometimes especially with mobility problems. Here are the tips to let the elderly enjoy every trip with you:

  1. Set the right time for travel

An old aged person easily loses energy wherein the early and late hours of traveling time aren't recommended.It is, therefore, best to choose mid-morning or early afternoon takes off.

  1. Reserve a non-stop flight

Non-stop flight demands higher fare yet more preferred for adults as connecting flights and travel time are minimized.

  1. Choose booking options for a disabled person

Request for travel assistance from the seat to the gate passes by contacting the airline ahead of time. Select a disability option during the booking process for them to lend a wheelchair ride. 

  1. Bring on medications

In case of emergency, at least, put an adequate amount of medicine dosages inside a handbag for easy access. Do include a list of medications for sudden doctor’s visit. If possible, it could be better to bring extra medicines.

  1. Be clear in describing the disability during the booking

This is to warn the airline how they can prepare a safer flight for the elder. The more information you give, the better the accommodation the airline could provide.

  1. Bring tools for the wheelchair

Make sure you know how to assemble and disassemble a wheelchair and how to repair if something fails to function. Remember, a wheelchair is to carry an old man/woman and hence safety is essential.

  1. Keep them escorted

Most elders are still traveling alone which isn't good for them. It is suggested to consider even one member of the family to accompany the senior.

  1. Travel via cruise

They can move freely through riding on a wheelchair inside the cruise. This type of transport is a great way for a safer trip specifically for adults.

9.9. Know your right

Seniors are always at the priority lane as according to TSA. Check out this link for more details about your right as a passenger with a senior depending on you.

  1. Check airline resources for senior trip

Here is some list of airlines that consider policies and services for the elders with special needs:


Indeed, seniors with disability are able to travel the world safe and sound through the provided tips. Keep in mind to follow each tip religiously to maintain the desired comfort and convenience to travel with an elder.