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DIY For Elders and Seniors — Craft Activity Ideas

DIY For Elders and Seniors — Craft Activity Ideas

Seniors and elders were busy and spent a lot of time working during their early years. But now, at their golden age, they got a lot of time in their hands.

So, if you are looking for enjoyable and inventive ways to for seniors to spend their free time, then check out this list of amazing DIY crafts that every senior and elder can try— keeping them pre-occupied and allowing their creativity to keep on flourishing.

  1. Clay Jewelry Charms Craft some one-of-a-kind and unique jewelry pieces by molding your own  charms out of a polymer clay. Let your creativity run wild and create matching pieces for everyone.
  1. Colorful Terracotta Pots Add a wonderful pizzazz to your ordinary garden pots. You can simply paint them freehand or try a stencil to add details such as stars, leaves, and hearts.
  1. Wind Chimes Wind chimes are a charming addition to any garden or patios. You can create simple designed using a pot with pre-existing holes and hear the calming chimes of stones and accessories as the wind blows.
  1. Book Cover Got some precious horde of books? Protect your favorite tomes while adding some exquisite beauty to your bookshelves by sewing in a colorful book cover. You can stitch it with your hand or use your old sewing machine to make it quicker.
  1. Memory Quilt This is a great way to repurpose old materials. You can create a colorful and personalized memory quilt from baby blankets, old shirts, or even your old military uniform.
  1. Photo Magnets Transform your fridge into a wonderful photo gallery! Using an adhesive magnetic sheet, you can create wonderful magnets out of photos of any size.
  1. Geometric Tape Painting A great DIY craft for seniors with unsteady hands, this craft allows you to produce a painting with nice smooth edges. Using a painter’s tape, mark geometric lines in patterns then paint between the tape lines. Once the paint dries, remove the tape and you’ll have a masterpiece of your own!
  1. Watercolor Luminaries Need a colorful way to light up the patio or porch? With a few coffee filters, paint, and mason jars, you will create a beautiful luminary to light the way.
  1. Scrapbook We all know that scrapbook is a great way to preserve memories. So let your creativity loose and use various decorative materials such as stickers, ribbons, papers and other embellishments to decorate a wonderful scrapbook of yours!
  1. Tissue Paper Stained Glass With simple kits, you can make beautiful stained glass designs using glue and tissue paper. You can also create templates out of black cardstock.