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grandmother and grandchildrenIn recent years, more and more of my fifty something girlfriends are walking around with a strange happy smile on their faces.
In every social meeting each of them pull out her smartphone and shows pictures of the source of all this happiness AKA “grandchildren”.
I also tried to show off a bit with my husband’s granddaughters, but my friends look at me with pity and say that this is one of the thing that you can understand only if you really experience it and when I’ll have my own grandchildren.
Untill recently I didn’t really agree with them. I have an amazing relationship with my step granddaughters. They call me Grandma and ran around me like tiny groupies I tell you it does wonders for the ego …
Of course the best thing about grandchildren is that you’re getting all the pleasure, the cream de la cream of their attention and once it is over and they start yelling and fighting you just hand them back to their parents …
So when Guy, my first bilogical grandson was born, I suddenly realized what my friends meant when they say that this is a new experiance.

I went back through time to the early years of his father, my eldest son. I suddenly felt all the longing for the times that my children were young and how I long for this times in my life. My son was so cute, sweet and innocent and not the serious doctoral student, tired and stressed out constantly young man that I see in front of me today.
Every day I find another tiny similarity in my grandchild face, contours that resembles his beloved father, my eldest son, and every day increases the love and bond us tighter.
Guy now is 4 months old and my step grandchildren, those addorable two little girls are all together a new generation who don’t understand and don’t care about “chapter B”.

They give us all “The Integrated Family” a new clean and fresh start in life, without any burden of the past.  Just a new page , pure and clean …

So if you are, like me, in chapter B of your life, having new granschildren from both sides, embrace the opportunity to have great relationship with them and leave any negativity behind.

This post is devoted to all grandparents everywhere. I collected some great products that I thought my grandchildren and their parents would enjoy. I would love to hear your opinion too!