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As a woman in her 50s, you have everything you ever need that you’ve built throughout all these years – your family, your career, your leisure obsessions and all that keep you at your very personal best; you are the superwoman who’s always ready for the next big mission, and you are far more than ready to take it on, because you’ve been living for challenges.

Everything seems so spot-on and perfect – until the moment that you look yourself in the mirror dressing in which used to be your favorite floral skirt, your signature piece that defined you back in your 20s – you suddenly realized, however fit you’ve been keeping yourself to be in order to have a reason to keep that adorable temptation, you can never go back to where you were and it’s time to fully embrace your new self as who you are right now. As a career-accomplished woman, you’ve been aware of the importance of dressing up as your personal and professional best in all occasions, and as the winter is reaching to its deepest sheer, the demand for keeping up your in-depth winter appeal is stronger than ever.

So let’s begin our explorations to your new cold season weaponries and find out how you’re rocking your winter flare and keep yourself HOT below.

Blouse for business

One of the most noticeable differences that distinguishes you from others is the detail in the fashion for women over 50
making, right on what you’re wearing. Hundred percent silk is more than what makes sure that you’re reaching your 100% power in various workplaces. Be it peppy like the abstract floral blouse from Theory, or the simple, printed one from Lacoste, what you really need in this case, to ensure that you blossom in your mature, experienced grace is but a gentle touch of flattery.

Check-in with your chic on the bottom – Checked pencil pants

fashion for women over 50


If you have good legs try shorter skirts. They will flatter you!

  The plaid complex is deeply rooted in every woman’s heart, for it’s all about the right lines that keep yourself on track for your daily chic. The neutral, cool new force in your wardrobe will become your best friend in obtaining a hybrid look that’s professional yet somewhat laid-back and approachable.  Grab one from Mango this winter, and you’re almost ready to go!



The finely-dressed feet

They’re called the finishers of your whole look for an obvious reason – without their fashion for women over 50
presence, your professional appeal will always be incomplete and lacking of something that echoes and sparkles from down there. Winter shoe games are on white hot, and finding your own perfect pair is not difficult. Are you a kitten heel type? Or are you all about the chilled utilitarianism? Ones like  Nine West Suede boot or a pair of Ria Iridescent Leather Slip-On Loafer will soon tell you the answer.

The coolness in the coat

Winter outwear is probably the ones that require your extra attention for all the worthy fashion for women over 50
investments that will in the future get your appeal upscale and upbeat in the chill. The trick here is to either stay statement and characteristic, or staying functional and cozy – either way, you’ll almost there, with just that one last piece that you might usually skip, Calvin Klein Women’s Career Novelty Blazer.

Vivid wrappers for the blossoming spirits

They say that devil is in the detail. If you want to know what detail that it’s in, one of them in the cold season is guaranteed to be something that you ought to put around your neck, laying comfortably on your shoulders – scarves. With everything unified and shouting out fashion for women over 50
the concentrated professionalism, you would need something that really pops your look effortlessly. The answer? Your new best-loved scarves. Either the bright colored one from Marc by Marc Jacobs or the monochrome; they’re the sprinkles that will add unbeatable spiciness to your ultimately refined winter appeal.