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Before adhering to any tips regarding apple-shaped body types and their dressing, you must
How to dress an Apple-Shape Bodyconfirm that you do indeed have this specific body type. Some people often mistake an apple-shaped body to be a pear-shaped body. The difference is that a pear-shaped body is heavier in the upper thighs and just below the waist, whereas an apple-shaped body is heavy above the waist and in the middle making for a wide torso with broad shoulders and a full bust. These body types generally have an undefined waist, hips that are narrower that their bust and their extra weight residing in the belly area.

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The focus of any dressing for an apple-shaped body should be to draw attention away from the middle. That can be achieved by directing the attention elsewhere on the body or creating a more definitive waistline. You should avoid wearing low shorts, high-cut shirts or other clothes of length that cut of just below or above your middle. You should also avoid wearing tight and clingy shirts or dresses that draw attention to your middle, shirts with high necklines and clothes that have distinctly different patterns on the belly area.

One great way to draw attention away from your middle is to emphasize your bust, as apple-shaped women have a great bust that they proudly flaunt. Showing it off will not only

fashion for apple-shaped body typeFurthermore, you can also divert attention downwards as most apple-shaped bodies have great legs. You can do this by lengthening your body with some high heels and flaunting those legs. Avoid wearing heavy boots as they will only casue your legs to appear smaller.draw attention away from the middle, but it will also highlight one of your most incredible features. To emphasize the bust, you should wear shirts with plunging necklines or V-necks, or elongate your body length and draw attention to your bust by wearing A-line dresses. Focus on wearing dresses that flow from just under your bust, expanding at your waist and not at all clinging to your middle.