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Elderly Care Portable Hair Washing Basin

Elderly Care Portable Hair Washing Basin

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Elderly Portable Hair Washing Basin

The sturdy and inflatable Elderly Care Portable Hair Washing Basin is designed to offer portable baths and hair wash. It is especially suitable for people with limited mobility and allows assisted hair washing in a bed, but it is also ideal for the whole family to use when camping. Allow users to comfortably rest their neck against the sink to wash and rinse hair. The Elderly Care Portable Hair Washing Basin also features an attached drain tube and a cleverly designed drain hole with attached plug.


How to Use Portable Hair Washing Basin:

  1. Inflate the hair wash tray. (DO NOT over inflate or use a compressor)
  2. Place a small towel in the neck opening, place the hair wash tray under the user's head.
  3. The user can rest their neck inside the neck opening at the front.
  4. Wash and / or rinse the user's hair in the wash tray as necessary.
  5. Before draining the hair wash tray, make sure there is a suitable container to drain the residual water.
  6. To drain, remove the small plug and direct the drain water into the receptacle. Clean the hair wash tray with a mild detergent, then simply wipe the tray with a soft, soft cloth. Once dry, deflate the hair wash tray and fold it. When storing the hair wash tray, keep it away from heat sources, store it in a warm and dry place.

Portable Hair Washing Basin Specifications:

  • Color is white
  • Material is eco-friendly PVC
  • Size is approximately 65 x 48 x 20cm
  • Package Includes 1 x Inflatable Hair Washing Basin and 1 x 40" (1 m) Drainage Hose (Includes a stopper)

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