First, it does work. It makes nice moist potatoes. They are cooked in this bag, in a microwave, much faster than any other home method.

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It’s nice to find products are the top of the line in guilty & are items my family really uses. Its nice finding items that you use that just don’t get throw in the kitchen junk drawer! With my husband and dad both being grill masters I just knew this was a grill tool they would love!

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Excellent Coffee, shipping was super fast. Tastes as authentic as it gets. I use this to either make turkish syle coffee (like the arabs), or just put a teaspoon and mix with boliing water aka mud or Botz(Israeli Style). The cardomon, which is also called Hell, is excellent, enough to notice and taste but not overpowering. This is literally the same coffee we used to go to Shfar ‘am for when we lived in Israel. Love it!

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